Android Os vs Windows mobile platform

Well now we all can all count Smartphone in the basic needs of the human being. Whenever our phones are distract from our sight we all think as something is missing in us. This new creation has made our daily life very easy and comfortable as now we all can have our PCs and Laptops in our finger touch. And with the rapid grow of technology day by day, Smartphone are also getting better and better specs, features and operating systems. Now today here we will talk about the most popular mobile platforms whose demand are increasing like dry fire in forest. Now let's have a look which is the best mobile platform to use? Windows Mobile vs. Android: which one are you planning to go for you?

1. Best things about the Android mobile platform:
Android operating system is the hot mobile platform nowadays, with the high market share which are growing at a rapid pace, and the Smartphone’s with this OS is being touted across the web. And, really I have been too impressed with this how far Android has come in the tech market in a relatively short period of time, and how well it has penetrated the Tech-market world widely. Followings are the good features which come packed in Android OS:-

  • APPS: The main reason behind the popularity of Android OS which leads it towards the top of the best mobile platform in the market is all due to it's large quantity of various Apps categories. In a recent survey it is said that there are about 600,000+ apps in the Google App Store.
  • Multitasking: Android is known for its best feature which provides users to run multiple apps at the same time, which is a plus point for it. And my experience with Android handsets bears that out — it is a seamless experience running many tasks at the same time. This OS does a excellent job handling the resources of each app needs while it is running in the foreground so, it deserves to provide a better user experience than other OS.
  • Expandable Storage: This OS also supports extra memory as an expandable storage for the Smartphone’s. This feature helps it to keep it ahead from the iOS operating system as it doesn't allow expandable storage facility in its handsets. 

Do bloggers need to stuck with specific niche.??

Niche is term which is often used in marketing something. A blogger may be an individual who will be able to update his blog or who visits the webpage. The main idea behind a blogger is to gain some benefit through blog, this blog may be related to anything like food, beauty, education etc. The main idea behind a niche blogging is to produce more marketing for a product or earn more money through a blog.
How you see yourself as a blogger? Is it as lifestyle; tech; fashion; or beauty? Have you did all of these things? Anytime have you thought of getting more readers through niche blogger? This will help you to make your content look different and will help in gaining attention of new readers, however in this different look few may gain the attention of the readers and few may not.
As the blogging is related to vast number of blogs, you should be capable of making your blog look different from other. Suppose you will be having a blog for beauty, and at the same time there will be many blogs which are related to the beauty. Among all these your blog should gain more attention and should have more number of visitors.

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Niche will help you in making your blog different from other and gain more attention. For example if your blog is regarding wrapping of the gifts, but unfortunately you haven’t got much information on that, then the best idea is to embed the photos for your blog and then specifying them the cost information the same photo background and also by adding some interactive things for the same background.
As we all know that the blog with more images will gain more attention of reader than the one with huge content, however these images should be relevant to your blog with the conveyable meaning. Thus there will be more traffic to your blog and it will also stand first in the search engine results. However you should have the complete information on the topic which you are making a blog or otherwise it will not help you or the readers. You should have the interest on the blog which you are writing for.

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